"That's awesome, but I'm still at the DIY-my-copy stage of business."

I got you--you're ready to upgrade your website or launch your new products or courses, but the funding for custom copy isn't currently chilling in your wallet. You want the down-to-earth, conversational copy without the bells and whistles of working one-on-one with a copywriter. You also want to make 100% sure that your copy is in your voice. That's who I created the DIY Your Copy Collection for: creative entrepreneurs who want to take their brand voice to a new level but are living with Pottery Barn standards on an Ikea budget. 

Because the thing is, even when you hire a copywriter, there will always be more writing to do. Unless you have a copywriter on speed dial or living under your desk, you'll still need to do some writing in your brand voice, whether it's last-minute emails to clients or product descriptions. The DIY Your Copy Collection will help you go from sloppy to copy before you can say Microsoft Word gives me nightmares. This self-guided workshop can be done at your own pace, in your own time, at your own coffee shop.



  • A 10-page Brand Voice Worksheet that helps you find words that describe and attract your dreamiest of dream clients. Pour a glass of wine, pull on a cozy sweatshirt, and spend some time developing that voice of yours with simple, straightforward writing exercises.  
  • An About Page Recipe with detailed instructions and an insert here type mentality that will still give your page a unique feel.
  • A Sales Page Guide with an easy roadmap and examples so you can implement your brand voice and turn clicks into sales. 



To purchase the DIY Your Copy Collection, fill out the form below. I'll have an invoice + the bundle headed your way within 2 business days. 

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