Claire Swinarski 


What does it mean to be a Catholic feminist when St. Paul instructed women that they were to be subject to their husbands and many modern women balk at this teaching? Is there a way Catholic women can be faithful to the Church’s teaching while also recognizing they are more outspoken than those who regularly quote 1 Corinthians 14:34 at them might prefer? Can women go to a talk that doesn’t involve how we should treat boys or whether or not leggings are pants? 

In Girl, Arise, author Claire Swinarski discusses these questions and more in the same way that she does on her podcast of the same name: with energy, faith, and a passion for truth. Fed up with women’s retreats that spent more time focusing on modesty than the purpose of women in the Church and feminist manifestos that didn’t leave room for one to care for the most vulnerable among us, Swinarski takes a step back to explore how we can be both feminists and Catholics, venturing into some of the issues that keep the two divided.

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