...are probably drinking coffee right now. 


They're also dreamers and doers. They believe in the power of words and stories. They're momtrepeneurs or #girlbosses with Etsy shops that know what they want to say, but aren't sure how to say it. They love a solid doughnut + coffee Instagram shot but also want to feel like themselves, not a carbon copy of everyone else. They're small businesses that need content for their blog but have no idea where to start. They know the best place to find succulents is Trader Joe's, because you can grab a candy bar on your way out. They're struggling to find the right words and not sound boring, inauthentic, or flowery. They love podcasts and yoga pants and pretty stationary. They're busy, they're go-getters, and they need someone to write the words they're trying to say so they can rest easy and know their message is being conveyed. 

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